Term life insurance

Gain peace of mind and life insurance protection

Washington National offers Monthly Income Protection, a group term life insurance that pays out like a monthly pay check.


  • During your working years: A monthly income replacement benefit for your beneficiaries available for two, three or five years.
  • Into retirement: An optional lump-sum death benefit of $10,000 to $25,000 with no ongoing payments after the monthly income benefit expires.
  • Wherever life takes you: Portable coverage options available that can allow you to keep your coverage even if you change jobs.
Term life insurance is different than Universal life insurance.
Our knowledgeable agents can help you understand the difference.
Term life in real life

Gary has just started his family and wants to make sure they’re taken care of. His wife is currently a stay-at-home mom, and he knows that if something were to happen to him it would take time for his family to adjust to a new normal.

Gary purchased Monthly Income Protection through his work even though he has life insurance already. While Gary’s current life insurance will help pay off any debt he might have, the monthly income benefit will continue to support his family like a regular paycheck for up to five years.

This example is provided for illustrative purposes only.

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